Best Custom Maps


This is a list of what I believe are the best maps in custom zombies. These maps look good, are fun to play, have great weapons or have tugged on my heart strings in some way. Enjoy!

37 - A Christmas Story: This map came out of nowhere and provided a lot to love for a Christmas themed map. From the gorgeous look of the map, the fun objective, Christmas hats you can actually wear and Santa dropping presents as he flies overhead made this map really fun to play during the holiday season or any other time as well.

Abandoned Rocket Base: A Large map that looks pretty good with a massive easter egg, some custom wonderweapons, a boss that spawns in right next to you and a creative and fun layout for a map. Big points for the sci-fi themed underground area.

Airport: This is a great looking map that proved that there could be more to a map than buying a bunch of doors to get to the ending. It is a really fun journey through the inner-workings of an airport.

Avengers - Age of Apocalypse: Hey guys! Have you ever wanted to be a superhero amongst the undead? Well, you can quit dreaming! Malibu Drive brings the Avengers to the world of COD Zombies. Play as all your favorite heroes from Avengers: Age of Ultron including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Vision, Hulk, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, War Machine, Hawkeye and even Spider-Man.

CPH (Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital): An extremely well laid out map with terrifying atmosphere and features that will surprise and delight you. The prisoner that you must free is well worth the map alone. Great objectives and a great map all the way around.

Dark Zombie Ottawa: Brutally challenging map especially solo, it has so many different set pieces that you'll fight the zombies at along with a crazy last stand type area with custom rayguns. This map is freaking mean.

Dead Ship: A great map by ZCT Chaos and some of the other TMG guys. This map captures perfectly the feeling of a zombie infestation on a pirate ship. Very challenging and many, many unique features make this a map you will play over and over again.

Der Herrenhaus: A fantastic and visually stunning map by Seth Norris; this map brings the old school feel of zombies into the modern age with an offering that is sure to please even the most critical zombie players. 

Estate of the Dead: This map represents just about everything that's right about custom zombies: A creative layout, crazy traps, a Der Riese style catwalk, an elevator with it's own music, an awesome custom perk and being rich enough to own this awesome mansion.

Hobo Ville: From the mapper Weezy428, who brought us Nacht der Toten Walder, comes his 2nd map, Hobo Ville.  This one is larger, more ambitious and more detailed than Nacht and will give you so much to look at that rainbows will pour out of your eyes. 

Hotel Version 2: A remake of the classic custom zombie map Hotel. This map takes the same layout and some of the original ideas that made Hotel so fun (like the round advance button) and gives it a massive upgrade in visuals, weapons, perks and some other fun new features.

Kino - The Rebirth: The only thing better than Kino Der Toten is a futuristic looking Kino with more perks, tons of new weapons and an epic boss to wreck you as you are running through a tight hallway. This map is a freaking dream!

Last Stand Elite: This map is insanely good on every level. It looks great, is fairly challenging, has custom guns, custom zombies, a fantastic easter egg, lots of hidden song, etc. Few maps achieve greatness on this level.

Leviathan: Released in early 2015, this map flex the talent of some great mappers and proved to be a crowning achievement for the community. This map looks amazing and could have easily been DLC for Black Ops 1. Very few maps can even come anywhere near this map, it's on an island by itself.

Nacht der Toten Walder: I don’t like swamp maps at all, but I'll make an exception here. This map looks good, but the layout is great. It’s very challenging and has a really well thought out easter egg. This one is a must play.

Necro City: A map layout unlike anything you've ever seen. A great looking map by Weezy428 & UGX Treminaor that truly captures the feeling of surviving a city and doing it in epic UGX style!

Neighborhood: I freaking love this map; the double PAP, the scattered parts that you must find, the fun map layout, the slide you can go down, the underground areas which makeup the fun easter egg, the auto turrets and even watching the hats pop up into the air when you get headshots on the zombies and more. There is just so much to like here.

Nuketown Remastered: FINALLY!!! A Nuketown map done right. I never thought we'd see the day and damn this map rocks! Visually stunning with gameplay to match; this remake blows away any Nuketown before this even Treyarchs mediocre offerings.

O.R.B.i.T:  Halo meets Event Horizon in this map that zombines sci-fi and horror into a unique map experience that no one should miss. Large scale map with fun objectives, weapons and boss zombies.

Quizz V2: This map just tugs on my love for science fiction. Freaking great map idea and well executed too. The fun easter egg with all the colored symbols to shoot, custom guns and grenades and the neon, oh the beautiful neon!

Ragnarok: Ragnarok is a force to be reckoned with in every sense of the word. The map is one of the best looking things I've ever seen, the objectives are well developed and really fun, the weapons are solid and the gameplay is top notch...also there are like 3 different bosses with their own weaknesses if you can find them - muahahaha!

The Swan: Set in the universe of the television series "Lost", this map starts you out in a jungle area and then takes you underground where a complex Easter Egg unfold before you in the style of Black Ops II. It's a very challenging map and offers a total Treyarch map experience.

TMG Christmas: A really fun adventure through a small town that has a great layout, huge custom weapon selection and an easter egg that will challenge you. Also, the map looks absolutely beautiful with more detail than almost any map out to date.

UGX Comosea:

UGX Requiem: This map is the end-all map in my eyes. I wrote the objective for it while Treminaor did the mapping and scripting for it. There have always been 3 things that make a map for me: A fun objective to complete, a good layout for the map and the appearance of the map; and this map knocks it out of the park on all of these. It looks great, it's fun and the layout rounds out just a fantastic map.

Zombie Sumpf: An amazing map by xJimmy33 that looks great, plays well and has a challenging creative objective system with things in this map that I've never seen before, such as, during certain events if you shoot the zombies they transform into a different type of zombie before your very eyes which is completely mind-blowing.

Zombie Train: For me map layout is king and this map’s layout rocks! The map is dark but pretty well detailed and has a super fun easter egg that is about a medium difficulty.  Also, the ending is freaking epic. The fully functioning trains and the train ride are really cool too.


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