“Last Stand Elite” A true classic!

"Last Stand Elite" A true classic!


Last Stand Elite is an amazing map and while it was made back it 2011 it is far better than most of the maps that have come out since then. This map looks amazing, has great gameplay, a fun objective and a features list a mile long. If you haven't played this map, and even if you already have, then please do yourself a favor, turn off Black Ops III and download a map that kicks ass and has stood the test of time all these year. In another year no one will ever play BO3 zombies again, but this map is a timeless classic. Fire this one up; I promise you won't regret it.


custom weapons, including cod4 modern weapons
custom zombies
brand new easter eggs along with a hidden winnable ending
9 hidden songs (play one at a time or they will overlap
Der  Riese style teleporter with 90 seconds to link
Hell Hound rounds
1 Custom Power Drop (teddy - random, gives you points/nothing/double points)
Hidden PaP
about 80% of the map has been re-done with new models and layout, this isn't simple a remake
4 original perks along with pack-a-punch
2 type 92 mounted turrets
all zombies are risers (they don't just pop up like normal last stand)
solo play button
custom cursor
zombie counter
Ammo drop
custom sounds
loading screen
All Guns can be upgraded even modern ones
Juggernog is 4-5 hit kill
wunderwaffe won't take your jugg away
custom pap camo




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