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Who We Are

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The purpose of Zommods is to entertain and inform people regarding the amazing world of zombies and zombie game modding.



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Modding communities are all about helping one another, sharing ideas and taking advantage of what is possible with modding tools in the hands of the people. When the public gets their hands on the tools necessary for modding a game that is when true unadulterated creativity really comes alive and people are able to share their visions with the community and the world can see what people are really looking for in a game. Gaming companies often times create a game to appeal to the widest audience possible in hopes of yielding a large profit. This mindset in game development leaves many hardcore fans out in the cold. But with public modding tools no longer do people have to accept what large companies create and release, but through modding communities companies can see firsthand what their core gamers really want and then hopefully make an even greater product that can be enjoyed by future gaming generations.

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Zombie game modding has only been around for a few years but it has quickly grown into a large community of rabid fans who feel deeply passionate about battling the undead with guns, friends and strategies which are often times made up on the fly when you are grossly outnumbered and running for your life. With this website we seek to capture and showcase the excitement of zombie modding, zombie games in general and other zombie related carnage. We are going to play games, play lots of custom maps, talk strategy, offer help to anyone, and encourage players and mappers alike. We are also going to post zombie and community related articles as well as both written and video reviews of maps, games and movies and do it all with enthusiasm and often times humor because, this isn't a death march, this is a unique and exciting privilege.

We are going to heavily favor Call of Duty: World at War custom zombies given the vast number of maps that have been made by the community, but we will also leave ourselves open to playing other games as well as we see fit.


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