Undead Overkill

This is my first try at making a map from starting the room at the beginning. There was no specific idea at the start of the map for location but i eventually tried to make it look like a research facility ( for testing biological weapons (( zombies)). My main goal was to create a map that was fun to play , and had an end objective but also a few different options to play for a high score game both co op and solo. Having played many hours zombies myself both co op and solo .


Intelligence recieved from the scientist. :-

I was hired to work in a government testing facitlity with Group 935, but we started to notice strange things in the laboratory area. They had us working on developing teleportation , including passing people through these teleporters to test the results. The results were, however, unpredictable. The teleporter was turning people into mindless zombies , with only one thing on their mind . The containment of these creatures was successful until one day , one of the containment crew was bitten by one of these zombies , and once the infection had started to spread it took little time for the whole place to be over run. The outbreak began from a single infection , you must discover how the whole facility staff became the undead. The teleporter has malfunctioned and is constantly producing these zombies , I have hidden inside the armory but my supplies are low and I think I  am the only survivor left .

Your mission :-

Your mission is to cleanse the facility, eradicate the zombies before the infection spreads to the nearby city. Use any means necessary to complete your mission. Whilst inside, destroy all evidence of the experiments by hacking the terminals , if you cannot handle the onslaught you have the option to radio for extraction, and ensure there are no witnesses to the outbreak . The facility will be destroyed when you have completed your mission and have the scientist, therefore you must locate the radio to contact our extraction team before you too secum to the infection.

Thanks for the assistance creating Undead overkill with content provided from the following.

.. UGX website , script placer , Mod    ——> Thanks UGX team
.. UGX weapons and game modes    ——> Thanks UGX team
.. Black ops perks ( Staminup , PHD Flopper , Mule kick , Deadshot Daquiri ——> Thanks Bamskater / jei
.. Soul chests ——> Thanks bluntstuffy
.. Buildable door and script ——> Thanks Dual vii
.. Buyable end ——>  Please remind me forgot where i got it
.. Spinning blade traps ——> Thanks Make Cents
.. Randomised perk machines ( Except revive and jug ) ——> Thanks Make Cents
.. Cash machine ——> Thanks Coddmoddd
.. Shootable door easter egg ( Find 3 hidden doors to unliock new areas )
.. Bank door Easter egg ( Contribute points to open up the armory , points scale depending on amount of players  —–>  Thanks zombiekilla
.. Mission text and objective triggers  —>  Thanks Andy Whelan

Thanks to these players for testing :-

Donny 94
Irah Gh2
The valorous project
exo berlin
Ron Jeremy

( Any i forget please remind me )

Special Thanks to these modders for advice :-

Harry BO21
Make Cents
All tutorials and posts i read ehile in the search to fix errors.

.. 2 ways to complete , radio the extraction team for standard finish , or Hack the terminals for prestige finish.
..Ending obtained by filling the soul chests covering the teleporter , can you find the hidden area ?
..Multiple areas to run routes for using traps or rooms to run and smash it as much as you like. Diverse map figure of 8 style map run and gun chop them in the trap plenty of choice on how to dispatch your zombies. Doors now open both ways for maximum options for strategy / spawn control.
..All UGX game modes included , some re-skinned weapons
..Cash machine for beginners . Just died and lost everything, struggling to get set back up? If you have < 1000 points you can visit the ATM for a small booster.

Map Created by pcmodder

Source: http://ugx-mods.com/forum/index.php?topic=8085