Undead Amusement Park

Nazi Zombie iPlay: Undead Amusement Park
My first map inspired by a real life visit to iPlay America.



– 10 Perks (Bams) NO PERK LIMIT
– Some Pap’d guns have elemental bullets
– Buyable ending [Cost: 25000]
– Most of the map is easily accessible
– CoD 4 Models
– Zombies don’t grab you as you run past them
– Teddy Bear Song
– Points Powerup, can give huge amounts of points
– 16 Wall Weapons
– Modern Warfare 1/2/3, WaW, Black Ops 1/2 Weapons (ALL PAPABLE)
– Shootable Easter Egg
– Quick Revive doesn’t require power Solo/Coop
– Solo Scoreboard

Shootable Easter Egg

There are 20! of these hidden around the map. Some easy, others are insane/impossible.
All of them are visible from within the map, no of them are outside.
– You will need to find all 20 to unlock The Underground and the Buyable Ending. Which gives you the option to either trying to go for PaP or just End the Game.
– In order to access PaP, 3 Chalk “?” will need to be bought in addition to the 20 Targets, these are not hidden that well.

-Tom bmx
-alaurenc9 (EE)
-Death_reaper0 (Points Powerup Script)
-jei9363/Bam (Perks)
-Ege115 (EE Song)
-BluntStuffy (Elemental Ammo)
-HitmanVere (PaP Camo’s)
-Exofile/Meteorman90 (Testing)
-JR-Imagine (Hud)
-PROxFTW (Solo Scoreboard)
-If I missed you please tell me!

More Pictures:


Map Created by Psh

Source: http://ugx-mods.com/forum/index.php?topic=7987.new#new