The Last Undead House




A few years ago there was a virus called ‘Deadly-Z‘  after years and years is it impossible for the people to hide from the virus. The last man Alive had one option to survive that was in the last house standing,  we hope that he can survive it.


  • Weapon Loadout (on Start)
  • Small objectives
  • custom gun game
  • switchable difficulty modes
  • Searchbags (cod ghosts)
  • 6 Treasure Chests (magic box)
  • 4 codwaw perks:  Juggernog, Sleight of Hand, Doubletap, Quick Revive
  • Custom guns (bo1, bo2, mw2, mw1, waw)
  • Custom textures
  • Surviving rounds
  • Boss zombies
  • Powerups
  • Fieldorder (cod ghosts)
  • Perks Bank/Storage
  • Bo2 Bank
  • Easter eggs
  • Bo1 perk:  Stamin-up
  • custom perks: Stopping Power & Discount Sales
  • 2 different endgames
  • Hells Retriever/redeemer





  • HarryBo21
  • Classifiedd
  • Marsvinking
  • YaPh1l
  • Mr. Hankey
  • 3aGl3
  • Uk_ViiPeR
  • HitmanVere
  • alaurenc9
  • my self (gamer9294)  :D

if I forget someone tell me and I will add you to the credits ;)

I hope you enjoy my new map and have fun :D

Gamer9294 8)


Map Created by Gamer9294