Tank Yard

Hi, I am uploading my first official custom zombies map: Tank Yard.

Our heroes time-travel again and are trapped in a tank graveyard. Or is it? They uncover a secret abandoned German lab. Help our heroes escape with the German experimental tank hidden within the lab.

This map is medium to large map, with a mixture of small to medium-sized rooms/areas. Limited zombie-train areas. Tight paths.

Map Created by spyguts97
– Mix of weapons from COD4, WAW, MW2, BO, MW3, BO2, 2 Ghost guns, and other custom guns
– Custom starting weapon
– Special “laser” wall weapons
– Soul chests with a reward that’s not a Ray Gun
– COD4 Knife animation and COD4 gun flash fx (for those tired of seeing WAW flash fx like me :) ) + custom PAP flash fx
– Perks:
> Quick Revive (both BO solo ver. and co-op ver)
> Speed Cola
> Juggernog
> Double Tap Root Beer II (Increased fire rate and double damage)
> Mule Kick
– 4 perk limit
– Buildable, buyable ending
– Oh yeah, no dogs

Have fun and tell me what you guys think of the map!
IMPORTANT: If playing on solo, restart the level after loading. For some reason, the map freezes for about a second when you start and the map will play with no character voiceovers, but if you restart it, it doesn’t freeze and it works. Weird :P

bamskater33 – BO perks
tito, susel, sanya, zombie madness, MrMELUSIN, koene007 – weapons (cfgfactory)
ConvictioNDR – double tap 2.0 script
JR-Imagine – custom HUD
DuaLVII, IVIr_Gadd – buildable, buyable ending
Mrhankey91 – zombie counter script
YaPh1l – idk a lot of stuff lol
ZOMB1E-KLLR – beginner mapper’s tutorials on youtube
ADDICTED – his over-fx-limit tutorial
Paragalor – cod4 guns tutorial
holty007 – end game camera tutorial
BluntStuffy – soul chests
Sorry if I missed you in these credits!