Super Mario 64


This is a remake of the popular video game Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64. It is not perfect, but i think it is pretty damn good. You wanted a story? I’m not very creative, PM me and if i like it ill put it in!


Fixed Co-Op bug with players having a count down and then loosing all guns when it finishes
Added in Bo1 Style knifing
Added in Bo1 Style Zombie attacks (You no longer stick to zombies)
Fixed many small bugs i found



//Story time
//Credit to Darkthedog
In Bowser’s quest to kidnap the princess yet again, his lackey Kamek had discovered a new power source that Bowser could use.
It’s called the Dark Star.
The Dark Star is like a normal Power Star, but filled with a dark and mysterious energy.
Bowser tried to use the Dark Star to enhance the power of his troops, but instead it turned them into zombies!
With the Dark Star in his grasp, Bowser had an endless army of the undead at his command, his target? The Mushroom Kingdom!
Now Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Rosalina must fight they’re way through the endless hoards to put a stop to Bowser’s plans once and for all!

Map Features:
Black ops weapons
Buildable Kino Style Pack a Punch
Zombie Boss (BOWSER!!)
Random Box Locations
Painting Teleporters
Custom Player Models (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Rosalina, respectively for player order)
Custom Player Viewhands (Character Specific)
Black ops Perks
Custom Grenade models
Tranzit Zombies
Double Dew
Unlimited Ammo Powerup Drop
Bonus Points Powerup Drop
Music box with 7 Songs (*Known Bug* Song 4 DOES NOT WORK!)
Fixed scavenger (Delay on explosion)
Buyable Ending (100,000 *Hint* Get Double Dew!)
Some BO2 Guns
Custom PaP Camo
Custom PaP Names
Bo2 Style Walking
Custom HUD
Custom Box sounds
Other custom sounds to replace default sounds

Theres more, im just very forgetful.