Due to me forgetting to remove the perk limit, I have re uploaded so before playing co op, ensure everyone has downloaded this most recent version.

PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL PLAYERS HAVE DOWNLOADED THIS MOST RECENT VERSION! I forgot to remove perk limit and so I re uploaded it, if people have different versions co op will not work.

This is my first map! Nearly 3 months in the making. So please don’t expect perfection, but please enjoy!

Map Created by ProRevenge


Co op fixed – now works
A few double pap gun ammo amounts changed
Buyable ending added
Smoother clipping in some areas
General fixes

I will only update again now if the map is literally broken, I want to be done with it.


Black Ops 1 and 2 guns
All black ops 8 perks
Double Pack a Punch
Kino Style Teleporter
Wunderwaffe DOES NOT zap away jugg
Easter Egg song
Nuketown Zombie Models
2 Different PAP Camos
Glowing blue zombie eyes
Custom Drawn Wallchalks (Done properly, chalk fits the gun and model comes out of wall)
Some custom changed FX
Some custom textures
BO2 Round Chalks
BO2 Font (Agency FB)
BO2 Viewhands and Character models

If you think you should be on this list because I used one of your features or something and I forgot to add you, PM me and I will add you ASAP :)



The EE song is copyrighted Treyarch, but im not sure on usage laws surrounding it being as it is being used in a Treyarch game, and the WAW songs are copyrighted Treyarch but fine to use, so im not sure wether Youtubers would need to mute it, if so, it DOES run on the Music channel, so turn that off :)
I didn’t make a Double PAP wunderwaffe, as I think it will be too OP
Most double PAP guns are just a slight damage and ammo increase, to avoid the above
Without ANY other Cods to port from, I had to make do with what weapons, models and features I can get from CFG or that other users VERY kindly gave to me :)
The Horizon looks kinda sucky, I tried to make it look good, but it was very hard, I figured that you barely look at the horizon in the map anyway so didn’t put too much thought into it
I will make an update if any major bugs come along, or if it is widely requested, but for now, I just want to be done with this map.