spongebob pool party zombies


Join Spongebob and Patrick in their adventure down at the Bikini Bottom Pool Party! Spongebob and the gang have to fight off waves of Bubble Buddy zombies to save Bikini Bottom!


– Dynamic Level Pathways! Each corner of the map must be fed with the souls of dead Bubble Buddy zombies! Raise a platform to reach the outside lane of the map by filling the soul chests.

– Play as Spongebob and Patrick!

– Unlockable PaP Machine! Survive until round 15 and then pay Patrick’s rock a visit!

– 20k buyable ending

This is a CustomZombieMaps.com exclusive release! You won’t find this map anywhere else. Please link us in your YouTube video descriptions if you make a video of this map. If you’d like to see more maps like this, please support our site! Thanks, and Enjoy!

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