Release 1.1


A medium sized map with options for both play styles of running trains or camping in one room for zombies to funnel through. Use the custom arsenal of modern weapons to slay the undead and maybe even the extra terrestrial? Both casual and experienced players will enjoy this map. No major easter eggs that have you spending an hour looking for parts. Just you, your gun, and the zombies. The choice to either see how long you survive or end the game is up to you. Hope you all enjoy :)


~Modern Weapons
~Challenge & Reward System
~Defeatable Ending
~Double Tap 2.0
~Staminup, PHD, and Deadshot
~BO2 Zombie Models
~Custom Perk Shaders
~Custom Powerup FX
~Swazzy Hud
~Changed FOV to 80

Release 1.1

~Changed Player voices
~Changed Cryptid sounds
~Fully functioning PHD
~Stamin-up no longer makes you run like a mad man
~Deadshot no longer has an annoying laser, instead it just makes crosshairs smaller
~Fixed buildings where you could see through the small crack near the doors and on the edges.
~Changed the chambering sound of the AN94 on first raise and reload empty.
~Upgraded Bizon now has more ammo and increased damage
~Switched the MW3 M4 for the COD4 M4
~Removed the “5 more minutes” text from the end game sequence
~Changed the text on the main menu to say “SOG COOPERATIVE”

Treyarch – Mod Tools, Models
Infinity Ward – Models
Yaph1l – Scripting Help, Type Writer Intro
The Zombie Don – Scripting Help.
Azyru – Custom Perk Shaders
Swazzy – HUD
deper63923 – Powerup FX
losangeles26 – Verrukt Sprinters Tut
bamskater33 – Solo Quick Revive
Gtlad – PHD
SajeOne – Converting cryptid sounds
JBird632 – Fragmentaion Grenade Swap Tut
Tom_bmx – Xmodel Tools
Bluntstuffy – Rigged Alien Models
Nukem – Mapping Help
MrTombone8 – Honey Badger, Maverick
zombie_mo – Play Tester
Zebba – Play Tester
QueenxWolf – Play Tester

Map Created by ConvictioNDR