Snowy Ornament

YAWs contests Honorable Mention

Snowy Ornament is map done by me (HitmanVere) and Ege115. Map was made for YouAlwaysWins contest.
This map is small/medium sized and features some cool stuff you might enjoy.




-UGX mod (with modified weaponry)
-Black Ops perks & Electric Cherry
-New way to open some doors
-Custom HUD, shaders, camos and more
-Objectives to get power/pack a punch
-Easter Egg to save christmas

-UGX (Mod, Script Placer)
-elfenliedtopfan5 (Weapon help, models)
-johndoe (Models)
-SirJammy (Power on textures)
-RDV (Models)
-lukkie1998 (Weapon help, models)
-DualVII (Script help)
-ConvictioNDR (Weapon help)
-chromastone10 (Weapon help)
-Rollonmath42 (Weapon help, models)
-JR-Imagine (HUD)
-OffTheWall (Script help)
-YaPh1l (Script help)
-Cornrow Wallace (Mapping help)
-Tom-BMX (Tools)
-echo000 (Weapon help)
-My brother [Not a username, dumbass] (Loading screen)

Gameplay of map:

v1.1 Fixes:
-M40A3 paped ending the game
-Trap killing every zombie on map
-When picking up Vector, player yells quote about sniper
-Maybe ending not working for some people