Samurai Jack Zombies

Hello guys, So I have been working on a map a whole week and decide to release it!

There’s no actual story about it, you can imagine one if you want. So This is a challenging map, Its in a town and there’s zombie coming from everywhere!

This Map Was Totally Created By TheSuperDude!

Some pictures:



– Die Rise Zombie Model

– Customized Round chalks, ScoreBoard, PowerUps, Perks Icon and more

– MW2 Viewhands


– Boss zombie ( spawn each round )

– Black ops 1 & Black ops 2 perks

– Der Wunderfizz

– Customized Player Model

– Der Riese teleporter style

– Weapons From Black ops 1, Black ops 2, Modern Warfare 2, Halo Magnum and melee weapons : Katana, shovel, axe (No stock weapons)

– Wonder Weapons (With PaP version) : Blundergat, Raygun Mark II, Scavenger And Lot More.

– Tom BMX Music Box. ( 8 songs )

– Moving Box

– Zombies With Blue Eyes Effects

– Zombie Counter ( Customized )

– Buyable Ending – 150k ( To Beat The Challenge )

– Little Easter Egg ( Hidden Text And Hidden Weapon )

– Customized Weapons Name + Damage ( And Effects For Some Weapons )

A Lot Of More Features Are In This Map, I Let You Guys Try It By Yourself!

Don’t Forget To Give A FeedBack About Your Feeling On This Map!

A “Zombie Town Challenge V2” Is Coming Soon With More Features And Larger Map!


Rorke : Weapons

DunLop : Halo Gun

Tom Bmx : Tools And Tutorial.

I probably Forgot Some People, So Please Let Me know If you think you should be in the credits ( and the reasons for it ).