My first zombies map ever! Journey deep into the mind of everyone’s favorite German doctor as he experiences the epic insanity of a zombies map grown from a single ridiculous idea meant to spite someone whom hates puns (I can’t even remember who at this point).

Warning: Potential Spoilers Below (from this point onward)

Opening and End Cutscenes

Shotguns have tighter pellet spread when ADS
6 Perks: Juggernog, Double Tap 2.0, Speed Cola, Quick Revive, Mule Kick, Stamin-Up
Working Solo Revive
Triple Pack-a-Punch
Super Powerful Obtainable Melee Weapon
Lower Gravity (50%)
Super Effective Stamin-Up
Special Custom Grenade
Call of Duty 4, World at War, and Black Ops 1 Weapons
2 Custom Wonder Weapons
3 Custom Weapon Sounds
1 Aesthetically Interesting Weapon (hidden in World at War game files)
Dive to Prone (“Dolphin Diving”)
10 Extra Points per Kill
Perk Machine Change
Black Ops III Health System (3 hit down without Juggernog, 6 hit down with)