After much longer than anticipated I give you pokemon.
I plan on revisiting the pokemon theme.
I learned how to somewhat script simple things, and I’ll just get better
So the new map will have a much lager ee and be of one game.
Back to this map.
It features Pallet Town, New Bark Town, Route 1(gen 1), and Littleroot Town
The ee cant’t be started until the power is on
turn the power on by building it
you need to find 9 pokeballs 3 per town.
some are hard to find so I added a picture you can find bits to.
The ladder is convienit but not nessisary
the map is pretty challenging good luck.
when dogs spawn with zombies it makes the zombie counter go negative
(not really a problem so i probably wont mess with it)

zombies- meowth delibird electabuzz kangaskan
napalm- magmar
boss- secret
dogs – houndoom
8 perks-
Double tap does double damage and increases fire rate
Deadshot laser
Flopper can flop (jump from any higher ground while going prone)
9 shootable pokeballs opening the three labs
you have to shoot all three in one town and it opens one lab
Hidden-ish pack a punch
Crap tons of ported weapons (thanks to Rorke for 99 percent of them, Elfenlied for his Honeybadger)
All ported weapons can be packed and almost all have new names and custom stats
weapon trader
buildable ladder
Scrolling camo
Custom zombie models
Custom HUD
Custom points per kill
Zombie run and sprint very close to the start
Custom solo (hopefully coop) load screen
Custom start screen and music
Custom textures
Instant nades (quizz)
End game 30000
Buildable power
Dogs ;)
Zombie Counter
soul chests
changed the amount of zombies per round.
New starting gun
special custom boss zombie
napalm zombie
easter egg to activate buyable
night time

weapons- rorke
asm1- bwc6693
honeybadger- elfenlied
picture puzzle- pashan
buildable power/tuts- zk
buildable ladder- byzmods
shootable door/weapontrader- makescents
custom hud/script placer- jrimagine
pokemon models- bwc6693, byzmods, models-resource, roestudio
mainmenu music- ConvictioNDR
soul chests- blunt stuffy
napalm zombie- redspace200
hitmarkers- proxftw
player respawn- yaph1l
endgame cam- holty007
impact nades- quizz
verruckt sprinters- losangeles26
end game -tom_bmx
boss zombie- paragalor
random noob question help- makescents, earth, rorke, bwc6693
beta testing- natesmithzombies, knivingcombat777
no zombie grab- steviewonder87
boknifing- RDV
rain- cinnober

Map Created by WhippyTrout

Source: http://ugx-mods.com/forum/index.php/topic,10014.0.html