Pistol Defense





Very simple concept… 4 bunkers, you teleport to a new one every round. Each one has different items you can use. You can spawn with none of your friends, or all 3 of them.

-Jug, Speed, Q Revive, PHD, Deadshot and Mule Kick (Q Revive works in solo)
-Map will only include pistols (spanning from cod 4, mw2, mw3 to bo2 and even titanfall)
-Buyable ammo
-Buyable Mortar Rounds
-Buyable ending
-Clip Refilling Max Ammos
-CoD 4 viewhands
-Some extremely unique PaP variants (you’ll have to test all the pistols out to find the unique ones, some are just reqular upgraded guns)
-Custom PaP muzzle flashes and camos
-Verruckt Style Sprinters
-Melee Weapon – Sword (at start of game)
-CotD Zombie Models
-Completely Random Teleporting… makes for nice replay value!

Weapon List:
-Tactical Desert Eagle (mw2)
-Holepuncher Desert Eagle (mw3)
-Desert Eagle (cod 4)
-M93 Raffica
-B23R Silencer
-USP.45 Silencer (cod 4)
-Mauser C96
-Colt.45 (cod 4)
-Monkey Bombs
-Glock (mw2)
-.44 Magnum
-Remington New Model Army
-T850 (5-shot revolver)
-M9 (cod 4)
-RE45 (titanfall)
-USP Match


Played by YouAlwaysWin Zombies