ORBiT (Organic Recovery and Biological Treatment)

They thought they developed an endless source of safe power from things found floating in space. They created the GRAVITRON, which seemed to emit harmless radiation… or so they thought. After the accidental death on the station they found out different. That worker didn’t stay dead… The scientist attempted to lock it up in Sector 9 and escape to earth, but they didn’t know they and the entire earth were already infected. Three of the scientist teleported to earth while one stayed back to disable the space station. Little did they know what we know now. We must reverse the GRAVITRON. This should cure the earth and stop the infection from growing.


First power up the teleporters and then go retrieve the keycards from where the scientist teleported and unlock sector 9. We can’t access Sector 9 without them. Then reverse the GRAVITRON. It’s up to you…

Or just play gun game, that’s fun too.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=isxviB3RNvc

Source: http://ugx-mods.com/forum/index.php/topic,10991.0.html

Map by: MakeCents


– Campaign style map with beatable (not buyable) ending.
– Mod designed for:
– Replayability, randomizing spawns, players, starting pistols, events, perk locations, weapon locations, and more…
– Coop with extra options, trade weapons with other players, share points, or share the box weapons, and more…
– All players, with three difficulty levels adjusting boss health, number of sprinters, and power up times, and more…
– Custom guns, perks, box, zombies, ees, knife, and everything else. Yeah pretty much everything is custom.
– Gun game with options



Extra credit:
– My wife: for the voice over’s for the station announcer and dealing with me putting so much time into this

The Making Of ORBiT

This is Tudark’s, and my, 2nd map each, and our first map together. We set out with many goals, we feel we almost reached, and have learned a lot. We hope you enjoy ORBiT with limited bugs. To get the full affect of ORBiT you should play it more than once since many things change everytime you play.