Hi fans of zombies.

This time I bring my second custom map now on the famous game Minecraft.
This is the second version since the former contained much lake and this is free of lag and with many new things Enjoy it!!!!!!!!

*Boss Zombie (Custom Modelo)
*Kino Der Toten Teleport
*UGX Jukebox
*Perks BO + 3 especiales
*BO, MW and MW2 Weapons
*Custom Skins
*Custom Characters
*Adding Verruckt Runners (from 5)
*Custom Powerups
*Custom Powerups Efects
*Secret shootables door
*Buildable power switch
*Buildable End Game Teleport
*Custom Sky
*Custom Box
*Soul Chests (Premio Ray Gun)
*Most importantly no “LAG” XD


Special Thanks
*UGX Team 
*Don Goony and Deper