Aquatic experiments, deep-sea excavations, swarms of undead scientists. Find the leader to escape and send them back to the abyss!

Map Created by Radimax, Awesome Pieman, HexZombies, and JBird632

Source: http://ugx-mods.com/forum/index.php?topic=3338.0


– Underwater Base and Environment
– Underwater Realism, low gravity and drowning
– Excavators from Moon
– PES system which prevents drowning
– Breachable rooms
– Boss Zombie
– Huge and complex map layout
– Bounce Pads
– Black Ops Mod


– Tom_Bmx
– UGX Treminaor
– YaPh1l
– Mrhankey91
– Swazzy
– aokmikey
– Hammy der gebissene

Beta Testers

– P0TZ
– TheScotchGuy
– RamboBadass
– Nukem
– Fatkidslovecake
– MrSlagovich
– UGX Treminaor
– HitmanVere

Known Issues

– In rare cases the moon doors will not change to green when opened, player models in coop will be invisible, hud shaders will not show up, and FX will not play.  This seems to be due to a problem with the engine when trying to load files.  A simple map restart should fix this.

– In semi-rare cases players will spawn with their gun floating in their face.  A simple map restart should fix this.

– If you get a missing file error restart the map until you load in successfully, this error is due to World at War not being able to load the file.  The file does exist.

Leviathan Trailer

In Game Images

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