Killzone Revisited



You and your fellow illegal immigrant buddies have broken into a train yard and find yourself overwhelmed by undead German boarder patrol officers.

Can you survive long enough to make it out of the country?

Map Created By: Tom_bmx


Map unique features:

* Lots of Der Riese style risers!
* Power lights
* Editied Zone Spawning with risers.
* Realistic artillery
* Hidden power-room of death
* Realistic electric trap
* Kick ass Hell Hound round(s) (double the hounds, shorter spawn time)
* Players can share guns from the random box (after 6 seconds wait time)
* Tom_Bmx In game music player
* New Zombie / Hell hound transverses
* Win Water Wheel with zombie spawn
* Win Pack-a-Punch
* Tom_bmx menu

Fixed/added in v1.1

* Fixed dog round never ending bug
* You now need to find a fuse before the can open the room that leads to power
* Removed ladder in Garage
* Ladder disabled during Hell Hound round (players also get removed from ladder)
* Added more hints to map
* Additional song added

Special Notes:

* Monkey made less annoying (no sayings)
* No light on random box (to make the map more challenging)
* This map is very very difficult!

Mapped By: Mr Hankey
Revamped By: Tom_bmx