Hogwarts Harry Potter

Dark times in Hogwarts. This normally peaceful magical place is now haunted with undead creatures.
The students are evacuated and it’s now on you to clean up… with GUNS!


Source: http://ugx-mods.com/forum/index.php/topic,11068.0.html
Map by: Gamefreak2ful

Take a short look:

Lower your brightness ingame for a look like on the screenshots.

Take a longer look:


  • UGX Mod 1.1
  • Buyable Ending
  • Original Textures, Models and Sounds from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (PC Game)
  • Exact rebuilds of parts from the original pc game
  • Maybe a nostalgic feeling



  • Wollmilchsau(Gamefreak2ful)

Textures, Models and Sounds:

  • Amaze Entertainment and EA Games (ported and converted by Me)


  • Superchaschper
  • TheKetio
  • Cambloid

and the UGX Team, UGX Community and Koops Harry Potter Editor.

Please note:

The UGX Mod 1.1 is still in Beta. You have to change the UGX Settings in the menu (choose something in the Weapon Bob Option) to prevent the missing start button bug.

Feel free to report bugs to me, so I can fix them.
Report bugs, that are related with the UGX Mod, here:

You can only play with 2 players at the same time. This is a bug from the UGX Mod 1.1. I will update the map when a working update is released.
For a temporary workaround type “pause” in the console if you stuck.