Hitler’s Bomb Shelter


Hello everyone. Im toomeyp, and this beauty is called hitlers bomb shelter.

INSTRUCTIONS: for solo type nazi_zombie_bm2 

You and your fellow mercenaries are on a mission to assassinate hitler. The war has reached a climax, and hitler has taken refuge in an old “abandoned” bomb shelter, one that was rumored to have been a hideout for hitler pre war. 
You and your marines show up to a very dark and apparently empty shelter when suddenly the reinforced door your team entered through shuts,locks, and a wave of undead hitler zombies bust through the wall and kill your fellow marine bob.
will you in your team live to see the outside again?

lots of wall guns
customized weapons(full auto m1, full auto db shotgun, full auto pistol)
quizz’s impact nades
camping, and running areas. 
a secret room(this room will have buyable monkeys, ray, and 10 dollar tesla)((if you find it, don’t use it to glitch))
2 teleporters
buyable ending for 66600(thank tom for the win)
custom pap skins
zombie skins(thanks x president)
quick revive
speed cola
Pack a Punch
all zombies SPRINT from round one…. be warned
custom spawn rate(thanks joeyb)
5 monkey carry limit
4 betty carry limit
butcher knife
1 stationary box
and thats all i can think of

poor bob

green pap skin :) 

This map would not have been posible w.o these zm members help
joeyb, for his tuts 
instakill for his un asked for help, and the help i did ask for :) 
im the earth-for his quick replies on support topics
tom bmx, for all his scripting tut, that w.o i would be lost
and thanks to all my beta testers :) 
thanks quizz for the nades and the easy to implement pap camo

im sure theres more, but i have a terrible memory. 

this map is just for fun, so enjoy, its made to be easy :P