Harvest Moon


The Harvest Moon

Map Info: So basically this map is based off of the tv show Courage the cowardly dog. I am thinking about doing a series of episode themed versions of this map – Episode One is The Harvest Moon.
Remember to turn up your music to hear the audio easter eggs.

Loading Screen: – Feel free to use  as thumbnail.

Link: http://i40.tinypic.com/eb5307.jpg


Map Created by Hexzombies

Source: http://zommods.com/harvest-moon/

1. Black Ops Quick Revive
2. 5 Hit Jugg
3. Custom Textures
4. 3 New Black Ops Guns
5. 8 perks
6. Audio Easter Eggs – Turn Music Up
7. Buyable Ending
8. Bam’s Mud Pit and Mine Cart
9. Custom Art/Posters
10. 4 Playable Areas + Challenge Area
11. Full Auto starting pistol
12. Instant Runners
13. BO2 Style Loading Screen
14. Quizz’s Instant Exploding Grenades
15. Working Windmill