Decagonal Demise Challenge Map – Hardest Map Ever?

Welcome to the finale of the “gonal” trilogy. Since the last two maps were such a success, I decided I might as well do what Hollywood does and finish it off as a trilogy. I don’t really expect many people – if any, to beat this, but if you’re full of yourself and think you’re all that than here’s a chance to prove this. I won’t believe anyone who beats this map without video evidence of the entire play through as you can simply devmap the whole thing. For those extreme few who beat this, I have gone ever further and given you an Insanity mode option, where I held nothing back.

– Randomized Starting Weapons (Any but the Special Weapons)
– Start with both weapons slots
– PAP weapons from the box
– 11 Perks
– 3 Hit Down like BO3
– Double PAP (Cost: 2500)
– Buyable ending [Cost: 25000]
– Beyond Extremely Hard Map
– No Dogs
– You keep Perks in COOP
– Ton of Custom Weapons
– Super/Tranzit Sprinting Napalm Zombies
– Tranzit Sprinting Brutus
– Tranzit Sprinters
– Super Tranzit Sprinters
– Ultra Tranzit Sprinters
– No Perk Limit
– A constant need to look where you’re going or else you’re going to have a very bad time
– Frustrating
– Fast asf boii