Civil Nativity



The basic scene of the map is a city called “Ripon” in England, has been engulfed by a paralysing blizzard 3 days before Christmas day, The city went unacknowledged for 2 days while people took no notice and thought the community were taking care of it, that was until a few men found themselves walking in a city rendered “dead”. Without a voice to be heard they wondered deeper into the city,all the time the smell of rotting flesh lingering in the freezing air. At this point you control the Man / men.


Credits to:

  • UGX-Mods (UGX-Mod V1.0.4)
  • DualVII (Rotating Door script + Prefabs)
  • Jei9363 (Buried Style Zone Activation Tutorial + Script)
  • Bluntstuffy (Soulchests)
  • Shippuden1592 (Tranzit Zombies)
  • MakeCents + thezombiekilla9 (Zombie Counter + Tutorial)
  • Hitmanvere + Ege115 (Pap Camo + Scripting help)
  • Benn Down (Music)
  • Message me if I forgot to add you!

Alpha/Beta Testers:

  • P0tZ
  • TheScotchGuy
  • Ege115
  • Hex Reapers
  • MAK911
  • Message me if I forgot to add you!

If you find any bugs in the map, please reply to this thread! Make sure to add a screenshot to your post!!! We would love to hear your comments and ideas too!

Bugs list:

  • Quick revive not going away when downed in singleplayer (Fixed!)
  • perk shader moves back to the left when player gets downed (Fixed!)
  • Zombies not going away when player is in laststand in singleplayer (Fixed! (Alternative fix found))
  • Game crashing when grabbing the turret powerup in arcademode (Fixed!)
  • Added M14 back to Gungame (Fixed!)
  • Some minor mapping bugs (Fixed!)
  • Game crashing when killing zombie with German Machine (Fixed!)
  • Takes your gun when shooting last snowman with M14 masterkey/Grenade Launcher (Fixed!)