Black Ops 2 Town (Remake)


Hello all, town is now available on call of duty waw. (a remake of the original black ops 2 town) [updated 06/05/2015]

Features:bo2 weapon by : ElTitoPricus

Special thanks:


Tom (Tools)
ElTitoPricus (characters/weapons/voiceovers/zombies)
Nukem – TMG (stamin-UP perk machine and code)
DuaLVII (lava script)
SparkyMcSparks (lava script)
DidUknowiPwn (BO2 hud and font)
n123q45 (additional script help)
Bam’s (cherry perk)
Gunoftruth (blue eyes)
offthewall (galvaknuckles Script)
HitmanVere (BO2 Start – Hamr Weaponfiles – Round Soundalaises – General Help)
RDV-steviewonder87-BlunStuffy (help)

Good game : )

more screen visit :!town/c1bs9

Correction V.2:

-coop player model
-zombie dammage
-missile clip