Baseball Field II

The year is before 1950 and after 1999 due to a run-time error in the teleporter on moon. It was a bright sunny day and just another game at the stadium. A sonic boom was heard and a CCCP rocket that landed a distance from the field. Everything was chaos for 13 hours, then the rockets from moon struck Earth’s surface. The field was sunk into a deep rift and now your stuck with a variety of the undead.


Map Created By: bamskater33/jei9363



Map Description: This map will play with your fear of heights. Get launched onto the billboards and figure out your way down. Be careful, some perks may be necessary to survive falls.


Perks (11):

– 4 standard perks

Juggernog (5 hit)
Speed Cola
Quick Revive (for solo has 3 uses, cost 500)

– 4 black ops perks

Mule Kick (weapon chest fixed)
PhD Flopper (no splash/ fall damage indicator fix)
DeadShot Daiquiri

– 1 black ops II perk

Electric Cherry (kills nearby zombies when reloading, but zombie count doesn’t decrease)

– 2 custom perks

Coupon Queen (Save money on all purchases, need initial amount though)
Slug Soda (slows nearby sprinting zombies to a running pace)

Limit of 4 Perks

Look for perk garbage cans, all perks have 100% cash back!


– Jet Engine Launcher
– Zip-lines
– Portals


-A Summer’s Breeze
-Death Machine


Double Points:

Insta Kill
Max Ammo
Bonus Points
Death Machine / Wunder-Waffe


-Pack-A-Punch off the field of play
-5 Easter Egg Radios
-Video on in-game surfaces
-Custom Zombie Models
-Custom Player Models
-No Dogs
-Black Ops Stlye Spawning
-Intro Video
-Mission Screen
-Menu Screen
-No buyable ending, I hate them


-TheZombieDon: PhD Flopper Help
-nickst98: Porting zombie models from dlc I dont have
-Tom-BMX: Lime is a good thing
-TheMightyDud: Trailer Music

Beta Help:

-Veteran OND