Anstalt der Untoten


Update 1.1:
– Fixed several places where players could glitch out of the map
– Changed objective system to use CoD’s system, you can now always 
view the objectives by pressing Tab in solo / Esc in coop
(We left the objective button in the map, but it is useless now, 
it’ll just tell you which button to press in order to show the objectives)


1. The Download ist EVERYTIME an application! Doubleclick on the EXE and install!
2. The american Flag ist the ZM Download
3. The french Flag is the Gamefront Download

1942, during WWII.
The U.S. government got information about Germany’s experiments with element 115. They launch their own program at the Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia. They use the prisoners as test subjects.

Early 1944
More and more prisoners die. The researchers suspect element 115 to be the cause.

Early 1945
Almost all prisoners are dead because of the experiments. The prison is now a graveyard.

March 1945, 2 months before end of WWII.
The program is suddenly stopped by the government. The researchers leave the Eastern State.

1947, about one year after the events of “Der Riese”.
Dr. Richtofen was finally able to find out where the USA experimented with element 115, as there are more and more reports about suspicious events. The team of four travels to the Eastern State, trying to prevent the inevitable.

A letter from Dr. Gordon A. Rand:
Click to open the letter!

The Features:
* It is a replica of the famous place “Eastern State Prison” in Philadelphia
* Extremly huge map with over 200 different cells
* Weather ambient: rain
* 10 Powerups  (see pictures)
* 9 Perks (see pictures)
* Higher powerup limit per round
* Fixed Jugger-Nog and Wunderwaffe
* Players start with 0 points
* Zombies have glowing eyes (yay!)
* Ray Gun more common in box
* Double Points affects Nuke’s and Carpenter’s points
* Laststand logic will always give the best pistol available instead of just the first it finds
* Randomized hero characters
* Black Ops’ viewhands for every character
* Pack-a-Punch Machine
* Upgraded Wunderwaffe can kill more zombies than non-upgraded variant
* DP-28 (from multiplayer) and Double-barreled sawed-off
* Fully working & upgradable Ballistic Knife
* 7 Songs in the music box and 4 easter egg songs
* A time counter how long you need to buy the Ending (Beat the High-Scores of other players)
* Ammocrate (buyable)
* Black & White Screen until you turn the power on
* Buyable ending (cost depends on number of players)
* Custom Menumusic (By TheRedPain)
* Custom Zombieskins (Prisoneroutfit)
* Many Easter Eggs (some extremly hidden)
* A system to share points with your coop teammates
* And a place where you can put your weapon to share with others
* Box allows everyone to grab a weapon after some time
* Custom Healthbar and Zombiecounter HUD
* Customized Score HUD
* Objective-based gameplay for the ending
* Objective that requires coordination of coop players (aka “Coop Switches”)
* Endboss with a lot of f*cking HP
* Too many dog spawners
* Customized number of dogs
* Mid-Round dog spawns in certain areas only
* A Zapper, of course
* Pause which stops the next round from starting (buyable, limited number of times)



Pack-A-Punch: Increase your firepower!



Speed Cola: Reduces reload time by half



Double Tap Root Beer: Increases fire rate of all weapons by 33%



Jugger-Nog (fixed): Grants 250 HP to the player, making him survive 4 hits



Quick Revive: Gives a second chance in Solo; Reduces revive time by half and grants owner 50% longer down time in Coop



Deadshot Daiquiri: Reduces hip-fire spread by 50%, grants 2x hold-breath time for snipers and a 10% damage bonus for headshots (adds onto Tufbrew)



Stamin-Up: Allows the player to run 3x as long, also grants 7% speed bonus



Mule Kick: Allows you to carry three weapons (needs to be unlocked by an objective)



Point Whore: Grants a 25% bonus multiplier when the player gains points



Tufbrew: Grants a 50% damage bonus for all bullet weapons (adds onto Deadshot)



Instakill: Any means of damage will instantly kill the zombie for 30 seconds



Max Ammo: Refills all your ammo (Bouncing Betty ammo too)



Nuke: Kills all zombies currently alive (they will not hit you after you picked up the powerup)



Carpenter: “I’m boarding all the windows, don’t help or anything” – Nikolai Belinski



Double Points: Grants all players a 2x point multiplier for 30 seconds (adds onto Point Whore)



Bonfire Sale: Reduces the cost of the Pack-A-Punch machine to 1000 for 30 seconds



Bonus Points: Gives every player a random amount of points (scales with rounds)



Fire Sale: Reduces box cost to 10 and spawns box at every location for 30 seconds



Random Perk: Gives every player a randomly chosen perk, fills ammo of the emptiest weapon if no perk can be given



Unlimited Ammo: Primary weapon’s ammo will not deplete for 30 seconds

Special Thanks:
For list of credits, press “Credits” in the main menu (or even better, beat the map in Solo)

Technical Infos:
* 7152 Entities
* 627 Models
* 215 Materials
* 14119 Brushes
* 14739 Nodes
* 234 Cells
* 1248 Portals
* 80 Primary Lights