Abandoned Mine

There is a very large mineshaft, where the last few people were searching for something hidden deep down it. But on a particular moment, a part of the mineshaft collapsed, forcing them way deeper down the tunnel. After that, the survivors were stuck in the deepest mineshaft of them all. Now they have to find a way out to survive, but they figured out they weren’t the only ones down there.



Map Created By Gamer9294

Source: http://ugx-mods.com/forum/index.php/topic,7488.0.html

– No dogs/hell hounds
– New intro(with the elevator)
– new endgame + extra
– different easter eggs (some are easy to find, some a little bit harder)
– buildable
– Riding minecart with perks
– fx’s (some fx’s with sounds)
– custom sounds (example: when the round start, custom sounds on guns, etc. )
– Oxygen masks
– objectives
– mission (escaping from the mine tunnel off course :D )
– and more…

map size    : small/medium